Growing the Kingdom at Santa Cruz / Holy Cross

The ultimate goal of all we do through T2C2 and our partner churches is to see new mission launched that connect people to Christ.  In 2011 (now pastor) staff members Chris Holder and Angie Nitz along with some faithful volunteers launched a community outreach effort at Holy Cross in Dallas.

Later in that year Holy Cross partnered with Our Redeemer, Irving to share the service of Pastor Juan and Deaconess Alma Zamora to help Holy Cross expand its outreach to the growing Hispanic community around Holy Cross.  In 2012 Juan and Alma started meeting on Sunday evenings for Bible Study and occasional worship, with some of new families that had gathered with in the community.

By 2013 this worship became weekly as Juan and Alma continued to work on the faith development of these families. This year on Saturday, October, 10th Juan had the privilege to see the work of the Holy Spirit through the baptisms of six children and youth. On Sunday morning, October 11th their parents were part of a group of 16 who were received as members of Holy Cross by Pastors Juan Zamora and Tom Zucconi, the lead pastor at Holy Cross.

In Matthew 28 we are told to go and make disciples and this is exactly what we witnesses as these new families were received as part of the Santa Cruz / Holy Cross community of faith.  These families and individuals who were all once part of receiving the benefits of community outreach programs are now using their gifts to give back and serve others in their community.

To Christ be the Glory!!