United Through Diversity

Another new mission start in the T2C2 network is happening at Faith, Grand Prairie. 

Pastors Juan Zamora and Chris Holder are leading a monthly bilingual service called connect (or conectando).  Each month the service has a different theme and September’s theme was “United through Diversity.”  This themes was developed when the group of ladies that have been gathering for a Monday Bible study in Spanish thought it would be a good idea to have a gathering of worship, food and fellowship around different nations and cultures.

On Sunday evening, September 15th people from Faith, the greater community and Pastor Sabir Bashir’s Campus Ministry at UTA came together to celebrate our different cultural heritages.  We also celebrated our unity as pastors’ Chris, Juan and Sabir led us in worship of the Triune God. After worship we enjoyed the cultural cuisines of Mexico, San Salvador, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Germany and even New York and Texas! 

In Revelation 7 we get an image of heaven as a place where people from “every nation, tribes, peoples and languages gather before the throne to worship Christ as Lord.  No doubt all who were present for this celebration at faith, sharing what what Jesus is doing in their midst, got a small glimpse as what this might look like.  We were also reminded that the good news of the gospel does NOT have borders.

This is why starting new missions like Connect / Conectando at Faith is such a high priority for T2C2, it’s through them that new people get to hear and experience the love of Christ.