Harvey Relief Trip to Beaumont


Earlier this month a team of 15 volunteers from the T2C2 churches traveled to Beaumont to serve alongside those impacted by the recent hurricane.  In addition to the trip itself over $4,000 was donated and many supplies collected to help families impacted in the Gulf Coast and relocated here in Dallas.  Thanks again to all who have supported this mission effort.  The restoration work will continue for months and plans for future T2C2 trips are in the works with dates to be announced soon.   

Pastor Harry from Our Redeemer/Faith helped organize this trip and here are some of his personal reflections on the work we were privileged to be a part of in the name of Jesus!


"We came to Beaumont not quite knowing what to expect.  We were met by a list 60+ projects long, each of them requiring several difficult hours of work.  On Thursday, my crew had the opportunity to help rebuild a roof on a mobile home for a woman and member of St. John Lutheran in Beaumont whose house had burned just two days before the hurricane arrived.  The house was truly in bad shape — we had to cut out the old wiring and bolster what was salvageable of the old rafters.  After that, our team installed new gussets to prepare to lay the chipboard base for the roof.  After a day and a half, we were able to put a roof on this woman’s home.  Steve Lockhart and Fred Heiner (our project directors) told us that this woman, who was elderly, had nowhere else to turn if she couldn’t get her home back.  We returned that evening to the church to prepare for a final day of work.


Our last day took my crew to the home of a family who had a 18” of standing water in their home for approximately 4 days.  Much of the drywall and insulation had molded, so the family decided to take the opportunity to cut out all the old insulation and drywall and replace it with new drywall and insulation.  We removed every piece of drywall and insulation up to 48” in the entire home.  After completing that project, my team went to another home in a nearby neighborhood that had experienced over 3 feet of standing water, which left the entire home in need of a complete overhaul.  It was a witness to me of the spirit of those who had come through this storm and knew that the next several months of their life would be very different than they had planned when the homeowner of the first home we removed drywall from said to me, “I’d been praying to God to give me the opportunity to remodel my kitchen.  I never knew that this would be how he answered that prayer.  You have to be careful what you pray for.”

Overall, it was a true joy to be able to serve and sweat with these individuals in the Beaumont area.  We had an opportunity in our devotion each night to reflect on asking the Lord for help, receiving what he has for you, and serving when he opens the door for you.  You never know what opportunities the Lord will bring into your future.  But, as Paul often writes in his letters, I left feeling encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ — from the cooking crew to Pastor Jim to Fred, Steve, and others who helped coordinate our projects, as well as those who served with us and whom we were able to serve."

In HIS Service,
Pastor Chris Holder
Director, T2C2 Mission Network