100 Miles Finished, Many Miles for Missions to Go!

Pastors Chris, Eloy & Harry at the Pico de Gallo 100 on Dec. 3

Pastors Chris, Eloy & Harry at the Pico de Gallo 100 on Dec. 3

This last weekend I had the privilege of of joining Pastors Eloy Gonzalez and Harry Smith on a 100 mile bicycle journey across the Lower Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. This ride was in part to show support for our pastor brothers facing great difficulties as they serve in the Lutheran Churches of Mexico. While we believe strongly in the mission work T2C2 is doing here in the DFW Metroplex we are also mindful that there is much work to do beyond here. Pastor Eloy organized this ride, so enjoy this article as he gives a great explanation for what motivated him to spearhead such a journey. A future ride to support T2C2 and La Paz is in the works for 2018 and in the mean time you can support T2C2 directly here.

In HIS Service,

Pastor Chris Holder

Director T2C2 Mission Network

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Spin the pedals at about 80 revolutions per minute for about six and one-half hours and you will have traveled about 100 miles. Hopefully that four-letter word, “Wind,” won’t be howling and the temperature will be neither too hot, nor too cold. If all goes well, neither “cramping” nor “bonking” will become issues, because either of these could put an end to any hopes of finishing the course.

What am I talking about? – Why the one-hundred mile Pico de Gallo 100! This is a one-hundred-mile bicycle ride that took place on December 2nd in the Rio Grande Valley. Three pastors associated with T2C2 took part in this ride: Pastors Chris Holder, Harry Smith and Eloy González.

Why did these pastors train for this bicycle ride? – 1) to raise awareness for the mission of Christ that begins right outside our front door! Our prayer is that this participation will - in a fun way - draw attention to work that our good and gracious God has given us an opportunity to do. 2) to ask for your support in the form of prayers and finances and service. With this kind of support, we will be able to insure the continuity of “missions near” and “missions far”.

“Missions far” means KIMA – the organization that helps support a number of the impoverished Lutheran ministries in Mexico. Through KIMA’s ministry, Bibles and VBS materials are provided to congregations in Mexico so that children and pastors can have what they need to make disciples for Jesus. And, in some cases, KIMA provides a small stipend to needy pastors and pastors’ families to help them with basic needs.

Missions near – means the nations that are right in our very own communities. People from all over the world are moving into the very neighborhoods where our LCMS congregations are losing membership and, in some cases, struggling to remain open. It is precisely these congregations with whom Our Redeemer Lutheran Church has purposed to enter into partnerships. Through those partnerships, we hope to support the cooperative work being done with T2C2, Faith Lutheran Church and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

The Pico de Gallo 100 is a fun bicycle ride. We pray that by participating in this event, we helped to raise awareness for the mission of Christ. Our hope is that by doing this we were able to get greater participation in the form of prayer, financial support and active volunteer support for the mission of Christ.

Are you able to help? Let us know if you can become a regular prayer partner. If you are able to offer financial assistance, please visit: www.youcaring.com/orlc. And if you are interested in being actively involved in any of the T2C2 ministry efforts (including the Pico de Gallo 100 bike ride!), just let us know.

Rev. Eloy Gonzalez
Senior Pastor
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Irving