Harvesting the Fields: T2C2 Mission Workers Spotlight

The T2C2 partnerships continue to focus heavily on raising up and training local leaders for our mission sites, with some of those leaders, in time, becoming part of the ministry staff of the host churches. Every so often we will highlight two or three of these leaders. Enjoy learning more about these future leaders...

  • Nelson & Gloria Ortega- Originally from Honduras, Nelson & Gloria are members of Our Redeemer-Irving. Their first explosure to ORLC was through the ESL ministry. From there they became involved in the Spanish worship services and eventually Nelson became one of the service leaders. Now Nelson is enrolled in pastor training classes at the Center for Hispanic Studies in St. Louis. He continues to help lead the Spanish worship services and assists the pastoral team of Our Redeemer in a variety of roles.

  • Luis & Mirella Benitez- Originally from El Salvador, Luis & Mirella first came to Holy Cross from our school partnership after receiving an invitation to an outreach program Dia del Niño. Along with their family they started attending one of the Spanish Bible studies and became involved with Club La Paz where Luis coaches one of the teams. Since then they have become active leaders and members of Santa Cruz. Luis is being trained by Pastor Juan and others to be a future leader of Santa Cruz. He will soon be ready to apply to Seminary for pastor training.

  • Monica Lobos- Originally from Argentina, Monica came to Our Redeemer through a friend who invited her. She then became a member and leader in the Spanish Sunday School. Her daughter was accepted to on of the charter schools in Grand Prairie which opened the opportunity for her to be a leader at Comunidad de Fe where she is helping with children's Bible studies and helping to start a Zumba ministry. She is also going to be starting her first pre-seminary class in October.