Making a Difference One Sandwich at a Time

Two of the T2C2 partner churches, Our Redeemer-Irving and Holy Cross-Dallas have been engaging in an ongoing sandwich ministry.

One Saturday each month, people gather to assemble as many sandwiches as they have supplies for, often more than 1,000, that are sent out to support ministries to the homeless in downtown Dallas.

These Sandwich Saturdays not only do a great service to the greater community, but they also provide an opportunity for people of different ages, interests and backgrounds to come together for a common goal.

This has also been a great opportunity for some of the new workers in training to step up and take bigger, more hand-on leadership roles.

Many of the volunteers who donate supplies and their time come from the community outside of the church, giving Our Redeemer and Holy Cross an opportunity to show goodwill to their neighbors as they live out Jesus' words, "I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."