T2C2 Partner Faith-Grand Prairie Turns 70

During the mid 1940s a few families that were attending Grace Lutheran in Dallas but living in Grand Prairie started to gather for worship and Bible study with the intent to plant a new faith community that they later named Faith Lutheran Church. They would go on to build a church building that at the time was on the outskirts of town. Today that building stands at what is almost the center or heart of Grand Prairie.

In the 70 years since that first gathering, Faith has remained faithful, through both challenges and good times to its calling to proclaim the love of Christ in Grand Prairie. On April 17 more than 200 people gathered to celebrate 70 years of ministry, with one of its former pastors, Jonathan Schroeder, returning to Grand Prairie from his parish in Ohio to share the message with worship-help from the Pastors of the T2C2 Network. After a spirited worship service a great meal was shared and Rev. Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab, from the Texas District reminded Faith of the challenges and opportunities that remain in front of her as she serves from the “heart of Grand Prairie.”

As it enters its 71st year of ministry Comunidad de Fe (Community of Faith) is committed to creating new opportunities to get to know her neighbors and share with them the love of Christ. On the first Friday of the month they gather with their neighbors to have family fun on movie night. Movies, popcorn, conversations, and fun are shared in an environment created for enjoyment by all. Gatherings like these, create a time and space to get to know people in our community and invite them to our Conexion (Connect), a worship service that is held monthly in Spanish. It will expand to twice a month in the Fall and monthly in 2017.