Sharing God’s Plan with their Community

Luis & Mirella Benitez were commissioned in February 2017 as the new leadership team for Santa Cruz, the Hispanic Outreach ministry at Holy Cross–Dallas.

Luis and Mirella have been a part of the Santa Cruz ministry for more than four years and are the first T2C2 Mission Workers in Training to take the lead role at one of our mission sites that has been introduced.

Here is a little more of their story and how they became a part of what God is doing in and through Santa Cruz/Holy Cross…

at Holy Cross Neighborhood Egg Hunt

at Holy Cross Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Hello. We want to start by introducing ourselves. Our names are Luis and Mirella, and we have been part of Santa Cruz since April of 2013. We first came here by an invitation we received from the school for festivities that were going to be held at Santa Cruz for “El Dia del Nino”. We came and saw that service was held on Sunday evenings and started to attend. We had been looking for a place of worship and we were already reading the word of God at home and within a few months Santa Cruz became our place of worship.

Our experience here has been heaven sent. We were looking for a place of worship and we found more than that. God would soon show us that this was not just a place of worship, but also a part of his plan for us.

We became part of a family with Pastor Juan and Alma Zamora along with the members of the congregation who welcomed us into their hearts. We began to grow together become a part of the ministry, along with being involved with the community.

God keeps on shaping our path. He opened the door and pointed us in a direction that we hadn’t planned for. It is God’s plan and we are happy to be part of it.

Being part of leadership in a growing ministry where we can reach others is a blessing for us. And, we continue to reach out to others, not only with the word of God through Bible study, but also with community outreach programs like soccer or helping the less fortunate. This ministry also helps us grow and mature in a closer relationship with God. We hope that in the coming years we can be of service to others and make a difference, just as the difference was made in our lives with the hand of God and the continuing support of our Pastors and members of Holy Cross.

Luis & Mirella Benitez

Santa Cruz Leaders