The Gospel from the Bed of a Pickup Truck

On May 20, more than 150 soccer players and their families from the La Paz soccer club teams gathered in Frisco for the FC Dallas match against the San Jose Earthquake.

Players from Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, North Dallas and our newest La Paz location in East Dallas were all represented. This was the first time we were able to gather this big of a group from all our La Paz teams.

The groups started arriving in the parking lot for tailgating and fellowship. After 150 burgers and 300 hot dogs were consumed by all the participants, Pastor Juan Zamora gathered everyone together and stood in the bed of a pickup truck. From there he delivered a brief but powerful message to remind everyone that this gathering in Frisco and La Paz is about more than soccer. It is the opportunity for to connect with the Gospel of Jesus and grow in their understanding of Him.

This event is similar to the interaction with Paul and the Athenian Philosophers from Acts 17. Here we see Paul troubled by all the idols and false God’s among him, but not attaching or pointing out the flaws of people’s beliefs.

Instead Paul calmly and cleverly builds on and turns upside down their zeal for learning, even going as far as calling them very religious, so religious that they even built an idol to an unknown God.

gospel from pickup bed.jpg

Paul went one to make this “unknown God” known by connecting him to the God who made all people, calls us his offspring and shows his justice in raising his son Jesus from the dead. 

So whether it’s Pastor Juan from the bed of a pickup truck in front of the La Paz soccer teams or Paul in Athens in front of the great philosophers of his day, we see the Gospel of Jesus being spoken as it is being built upon what people already have a passion about.