An Intersection of Ministries

For students, parents, teachers and many others, May represents the end of the school year. This is a time full of graduations, finals, events and celebrations. For the churches of T2C2, May is when we wrap up another year of weekly Family Nights that include ESL classes for parents and a variety of activities for children. Megan Armendariz, the Administrative Assistant for T2C2 and La Paz also serves as an ESL teacher at Holy Cross/Santa Cruz in Northwest Dallas; which recently completed its 5th year of outreach to the community. Enjoy this article where she reflects on how Wednesdays have become a night where many groups come together under one message; the Good News of what Jesus has done for them. 

In HIS Service,

Pastor Chris Holder

Director T2C2 Mission Network

An Intersection of Ministry


     Wednesday evenings during the school semesters at Holy Cross are a great intersection of ministries. HC Dallas, the La Paz teams coached by Luis Benitez, practice at Holy Cross on Wednesday evenings. While those practices are happening, adult ESL classes are happening in the classrooms down the hall. In the Children’s Ministry room, in the computer lab, or in the gym, youth activities are scheduled in a variety of subjects and include devotions, games, sports, computer class, and other activities.

     The three groups rotate between a time in the Fellowship Hall, where a monthly rotation of volunteers serve a snack or light dinner and drinks. In the majority of cases, more than one person from a family is participating in WILD Wednesday activities. Prior to holidays or in celebration of community events, there will often be a party in the Fellowship Hall for all to gather at the same time.


     All of these activities and volunteers are coordinated by Sarah Burr, who is a bilingual missionary who works at the local YMCA. She has the opportunity to serve the families of Santa Cruz, Holy Cross, La Paz, and the YMCA on Wednesday evenings, and each of the groups are represented on a typical night.

     The needs and passions of the community are served by making full use of the campus of Holy Cross and the desires of community members to serve and share the Gospel with the people around them.