Developing Communities

We believe that the love of Christ should compel his followers and churches to join him in being agents of change and transformation in their communities. Therefore we are committed to helping churches and individual believers look outside the four walls of their church buildings and homes and go serve their neighbors. 


Planting Missions


As Christ followers and churches engage their communities in this way we understand that one of the intended outcomes of this is the creation of new faith communities. Whether it is launching new missions from existing church facilities, utilizing spaces already in the community or starting them in peoples homes we are committed to seeing new missions develop where people can grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus. 


Training Leaders

As these new faith communities start to come together we believe that God will raise up new leaders among and for these new missions. Therefore, we are committed to identifying, training, equipping and releasing these new leaders to use their gifts in service to God and the communities he has called them to serve.